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Tagged by @Katiems Challenge: Create your own dream Kpop concert taking some of your bias' and putting them together on stage for a concert! Explain why you chose who you chose & what they will do at the concert! ^^ RULES: 1: Choose 6 Kpop idols & explain why you chose them 2: What kind of performances will these 6 idols do at the concert? solos, duets, dancing, singing, etc. 3: tag me & other fellow Kpop Vingle Family! ^^ Good luck choosing~ and have fun!! <3
Coming of Age special Concert. Call it "Unchained Maknaes"... Rated 15+ Comprised of some of my Maknae Biases. I've picked them because they are young and ready to show the world what they got... the only thing holding them back is age. Once that's out of the way... they could get together and put on a show that would utterly destroy every patiently waiting noona watching. The dance skills, the velvety voices, the provocative lyrics, and gratuitous body rolls. Maybe even a surprise shirt rip... Noonas everywhere would quietly disapprove, because they know it's dangerous... but they'd all die happy and hoarse... I know I would. Here are the members:

Leader: Lee Taemin of SHINee, 24

Because as the oldest he know what's good.... real good.. Is Sunbae to the all of these bundles of joy, Can dance, sing, write, produce, ooze sex appeal, and do it all flawlessly. Laughing when the kids cry is just a perk.

Lead Rapper: Zelo of BAP, 20

Yes I know he's already of age... But as a maknae himself, being on the "Hyung line" can help the youngsters slip into those big boy pants. He's tasted that grown life and it was good. His rap skills are amazing and with that lanky body of his, the dance skills are surprisingly on point as well. Great addition to this team.

Vocals/Rapper: Jang Yijeong of History, 24

Not only does he officially complete this groups Hyung line, but he's the freaking cherry on top. He sings, he raps, he dances, he writes, he directs, and he does it all with a beaitiful smile, hot body, a sense of humor, and a need for snuggles. Yes he's a cat. Seriously though, who better to tie it all together than this jack of all trades?

Main Dancer/Vocals: Kim Yugyeom of Got7, 19

This man-child is a gem. Yes he dances really well... but he has something not every good dancer has: the Feels. You can tell when he feels the music, and when he moves his body at that time ... watch out. He'll blow your mind... and possibly ovaries if the hyungs don't stop him in time. *side eyes Dallas fan meet* When he finally drops the restraints of adolescence, he's going to be a killer like Sunbae Taemin did. His sweet vocals are just the icing on this cake.

Main Vocals: Jeon Jungkook of BTS, 19

OK be honest, how many of you scrolled through this card just to see if this bundle of golden goodness was on the list? I see you. Kookie, as all BTS stans know, is a monster. He pulls off the cute act pretty well, but we all know at his core he's a beast waiting to be let out... and when that day comes, so will many noonas... to the concert that is. What were YOU thinking. I still see you. His voice is a unique gold and velvet. You would recognize it anywhere. His dancing is beautiful and dangerous. He can even rap if you ask him to. The fact that he can flawlessly lip sync to an entire Linkin Park song is my hook line and sinker. This group would not be quite right without him.

2nd Main Dancer/Rapper: Wang Yi Bo of UNIQ, 19

This last one is probably not as well known as the others, but deserves this spot just as much as they do. To be honest I struggled trying to pick who would be the perfect cherry on top of this Maknae Sundae and Yibo is the one. His rapping skills are good - even better in his native language. (Chinese) His voice perfectly borders that line between baritone and soprano. His dancing is freaking impressive. How he can move like that is an inspiration to "get up off of that thang". He's also the "visual" of his group for a reason... Hopefully you see what I mean, and he'll dance his way into your heart too.

So, without further ado, I introduce to you:

"Unchained Maknae"

Taemin Zelo Yijeong Yugyeom Jungkook Yibo
This concert would be terrible for my health no thanks omg
This lineup is GENIUS!!!! I can see it now 👐👐👐
@amobigbang I did!! aaaaand I was thinking about me dying happy too... lol. o////o
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