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The plan was to post as the teasers came up but I got overwhelmed XD So a lot has happened since I last posted some teaser photos..Here is a lot of photos that have come out. AND also links to the VAPP livestreams and the YouTube videos (Press Your Number & Drip Drop). Enjoy & support Taemin!!!!!!!!!! Buy the album, but until you can I am also providing a link to the album on SoundCloud! At the last block I will add a few memes I made from a few of the photos and I posted to Twitter, people liked them.
Taemin's legs tho *eye emoji*
Taemin! In! Lace!
Last of the the links!
The VAPP where taemin came on to talk!
Drip Drop Performance video!!!! SO LIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Showcase on VAPP! However it is the talking part, not any of the performance..They did not post that on VAPP to watch again
And, finally, the Press Your Number music video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO SO SO SO GOOD!!
Oh, and here is the Soundcloud!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post ^^ I did my best posting all the things I have. Support Taemin! <3 MEMES BELOW!!
please dont blur out the credit thanks i made these memes, and i have already seen it blurred out