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What would you do?
What would you do if you woke up to any of these wonderful men?
Waking up to them waiting for you what would you do and who would you pick?
Comment below your answers Army! lets see how far your imagination takes you
1: Id be very confused, but go out to the road and ask them if they are lost (why would they be there for me?) 2: the messy hair.... messy hair and arms get to me 3: laugh and ask him what he is doing? like that face is adorabley funny 4: id probably be shocked as to why, but then blushy because its them.... like how in the world? why would they like me in the first place?? 5: i have no idea! sit on the ground by myself and be shy and wait for someone to claim me (tbh i hope its either hoseok or yoongi, but any would be fine) (i dont know man, im an innocent little child i guess ;-;)
1. wouldn't believe it, freak out where they cant see, and basically jumo out the window hoping one will catch me 2. absolutely everything 3. hit him with a pillow and tell jimin whos next me to put back to bed 4. id stare for a while and snuggle up on him 5. i'd probably have an a panick attack before picking deciding rap mon since he's my dream hubby lol.
1. I'd probably scream and cry and invite them in offering food as we walk. 2. lips 3. I'd probably playfully hit him and then pull him into bed to nap 4. I'd pick Tae and tickle him! I wanna see how he would react 5. I'd pick Rapmon cause he's my love and beg him to take me somewhere fun for a day and freestyle for me
1 shit I'm fuked cause they look like they'll kill me 2 eyes 3 creepy mofo like that smileeeee 4 I would die cute mofos 5 I would be like this is a dream and go back to sleep
1. welp are u lost or....? do u wanna come in......? 2. The hair 3. Jotka Jungkook let me sleep damn demon go read the Bible or something 4. Suga because LOOK AT HIM!!! 5. Yoongi because my bias cx probably take a nap or something
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