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Original Card & Tagged By: @jessicaacosta90 This is a double results card because a. I'm falling behind & b. I can
1. Sleep? Already? We just finished dinner. 2. You are sooooo not funny! 3. Why is there only one bed in here? 4. You can't sleep either huh? 5. Wait....What?!
6. Still with the touchy-feely?? Do you know what personal space is? 7. *Continues to sleep* 8. What is it with you guys & kisses? 9. What country's breakfast are we trying today? 10. Another amazing breakfast, thank you Chansung.
11. Thanks, I'll return them later. 12. Coffee sounds like a good idea right now. 13. Wait a minute, isn't that my neighbors?? 14. 2PM?? Sorry, I'm here for college, I don't know anything about celebrities here. 15. I am so confused right now.
16. *Holds up their keys* 19. Well this day just keeps getting better. 20. Junho? What are you doing here? Is there some other bomb you would like to drop on me?

Part 6

1. Rude much? I clearly said no. 2. You really want to get further onto my bad side? 3. Worried, seriously?! You all had a hand in making a fool out of me, it's gonna take more than "I'm sorry" to fix this. 4. I think I'm entitled to answers now, thank you very much! 5. Where are you dragging me off to now?!
6. No way am I getting in that car!! *He's asking to get bit!* 7. You're lucky you're adorable, & even luckier that I'm exhausted, but thank you for cheering me up a bit. 8. I give up, personal space doesn't exist around you anymore. Btw you're cute when you're jealous. 9. Are you trying to get my attention? That's probably not in your best interest right now. *Especially since you kissed me while you were drunk & I've yet to say anything* 10. *Is it really that exciting for you to go see a movie?*
11. *You too huh?* 12. Haha. *Sees Jun. K's smile & blushes* Alright, it's kind of cute seeing them act like overgrown children. 13. * What the hell?!* 14. It was cute in the car, not so much in the middle of a movie theater. 15. *Shakes head* You really are a man-child aren't you?
16. * We've already established personal space no longer exists so it's ok to use him as a pillow right?* 17. What have you done to me Jun. K? 18. Would trying to argue even matter at this point? 20. Reward?? How is watching you all dance a reward?
21. *Reward, yes definitely a reward, don't make eye contact!* 22. I hope there's a bigger bedroom with an extra bed 23. Everyone went to sleep, & you stayed in the living room, but then this guy showed up Jun. K, forget something?
24. Quite a while is relative to ones perspective is it not? We've only known each other for a few days so choose your words. carefully. 25. As that guy was talking, this guy boycotted his speech showing up with a frustrated look: Wooyoung? Why aren't you sleeping? Does no one actually sleep around here? What's with the face??
@EliseB Ikr Lol
@jessicaacosta90 Lol & here I am still not saying no 😈😈
lmao I swear Jun K likes to creep Lol