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This morning Kotaku ran an article highlighting an intrepid Pokemon fan who's done some awesome science-y stuff and created holographic images of Pokemon. This brings a new level to having a holographic Charizard.
Youtuber and self-acclaimed 'rad developer' Kennywdev made a pyramid of plexiglass and threw a camera up on top of it for image tracking. With that setup he was able to project some 3D images of Pokemon he made in the Unity engine.
In addition to a video with the results, Kennywdev also put up a series of images outlining how he managed to do the thing.
Here are the images he uploaded to that outline the basics of the construction process.
And here is the video showing off the resulting images.
This guy can make holograms out of thin air and I can barely tie my shoes before work in the morning. Jeez.
this feels like something kaiba from yugioh would invent.
This is so cool!! I want to try it!
this is awesome!!! but this would fit better with Yugi-oh!!!! still amazing tho :)
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