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And it's usually our fault.

You'd think that superheroes would remember to keep the trash talk to a minimum around children, but you'd be 100% wrong. Case in point: Luke Cage.
Power Man and Iron Fist #1 (written by David Walker) demonstrates that no matter how impervious you are, you can still be vulnerable to the same mistakes that the rest of us spend a lot of time trying to avoid. Who else has come *this* close to saying something regrettable in front of a kid? The worst I've done is say 'cock' without realizing that my friend's 6-year old daughter was right behind me. I have a feeling some of you can top that one...
was talking to a buddy of mine who was working at a video game store and I said "fuck this shit man that's so fucking stupid why you got to do that stupid shit by yourself that fucking bitch" didn't realize a mother and her four children were behind me I felt pretty bad afterwards
i you dont give him what he wants he will either call you a dick or prick and if you hit him he will call you a bitch, asshole, or fucker, if you hit him hard enough he will say all three without hesistation. Hell even do it in public
i said shit and my friends little brother said shit for 3 years because of me now he knows all the swear words and how to use them
@justin8989 whooooops