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Everyone knows the life of a professional athlete can be an uphill battle at times.
In most cases, these young adults are thrown into a situation that it very aggressive on and off the field. The new financial situation, relationships and on-field performance issues push many people over the edge.
The Steelers have acknowledged those issues, and have went with new measures to help players cope with the issues. For the past five years, Pittsburgh has allowed pastor Chad Johnson to counsel the players when they desire guidance.
The job description for Johnson, is simple: Teach the Bible, add the "life" element to the football grind. On game days, he quietly roams the sideline. But his work is done well before kickoff.
"These guys need somebody that's not just football that they can trust that isn't weighing their stat sheet or looking at their performance and equating value to their performance," Johnson said. "Hopefully I could provide a breath of fresh air in a very pressurized situation."

Do you think enlisting a pastor was a good idea by Pittsburgh?

Should other teams follow suit and add a life counselor to their staff as well?

Thou shalt not pay off the zebras.
With all the temptation out their for these guys (and women in their sport to) to have to face, I think every team should have both religious and therapeutic counselors. If these people are gonna be role models to millions of kids then they need all the help they can get to stay on the short and narrow.
Ugh...I don't know about having a pastor for every single team, but definitely moving in the right direction to help these players in other ways!