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All eyes will MOST DEFINITELY be on you--the bride--when you don this spectacular high-low Krikor Jabotian dress as your wedding garment! Even if it's something you slip into when you get to the reception, it's a stunning step away from a large gown.
This one comes from the 2016 Dahlia Collection, which, according to the website, is "Ever so youthful, ever so playful, ever so delicate... and forever a symbol of change: The Dahlia."
And let's just take a second to stare at those sky high stilettos this model is wearing!!!! WOW!

Is this a YES!!!! or a NO!!!!

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@marshalledgar the pleasure is all mine
2 years ago·Reply
A big YES!!!!! It's so sexy ❤❤❤❤
2 years ago·Reply
Heck yeah,I would wear it\(^o^)/
2 years ago·Reply
@turtleyturtles yea, I agree about the length
2 years ago·Reply
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