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Hey Nakama!
I think since it's Monday, and generally Mondays are kind of the worst days of the week because you're all tired from the weekend and you really just need another day before your week actually starts in earnest. Mondays blow.
Since Mondays put me in that weird headspace, it made me think of the sadder parts of anime. The parts where we lose characters, especially the ones we care about most.
Death occurs in a bunch of different anime, and some are definitely more saddening than others.
I challenge everyone in the community to make a card about the saddest death in anime, in your own opinion. Make sure to tag it with spoilers, though.

Spoilers for Tokyo Ghoul!

When Hinami loses her mother to the CCG, I nearly broke down and had to stop watching the anime. Hinami has already had to suffer through the loss of her father (though she didn't have to witness that) and her mother was the only one she had left.
Until the bastards show up to take her away.
Making Hinami an orphan.
It was like taking a sledgehammer to the heart.

Now I challenge you to make a card about what death you think is the saddest in anime!

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all the wolf's rain deaths
2 years ago·Reply
Nagisa from clannad
2 years ago·Reply
jiraya from naruto the only one I cried in twice
2 years ago·Reply
Is the top picture suppose to be from Tokyo ghoul as well or is it from a different anime?
2 years ago·Reply
@soweirdfam4ever no that's from medaka box
2 years ago·Reply