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Derrick Rose has had a rough couple of years in the NBA since his year he won the MVP trophy.
Rose has battled through countless major injuries and personnel changes in the past 3 years. While many think his role should change due to the emergence of Jimmy Butler, the talented point guard has stayed focused on basketball only and improving his game each and every day.
Today, Kobe delivered some thoughts on Derrick's game and the direction he feels it should go in the next year or so.
"I think it's important to remain patient," Bryant said. "I think what you're seeing with this team is an adjustment period. Derrick is at a position in his career where he'll have to adjust his game. And what I mean by that is start using his size a lot more instead of his speed and quickness and start going to the post a little bit more. But they have three tremendous players with Rose and [Jimmy] Butler and Pau [Gasol]. If they can figure out how to defend, I think this team can go very, very deep in the playoffs."
While many have knocked Derrick Rose's game, he has shown flashes of brilliance once again, as he's averaging close to 22 points per game in February.

Is it time for Derrick Rose to adjust his offensive approach?

Will the change in style of play make him more effective?

Def. Obviously things aren't working out well for him so he needs to adjust and start changing things up so he can go back to his MVP days.
I think he does need to start improving his game. He can't go back to the way he used to be, so he needs to evolve.