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“Created Equal” is an amazing photo project of photographer Mark Laita that focuses on the contrasts between people, the lives and cultures through beautiful portraits in black and white. "There is so much motion and life in these photos, I can almost see how they move, how there lips twitch, how his or her hair was just settling, how the model's weight shifted ever-so-slightly just before the picture was taken. Ah! Beautiful! It makes this piece so much more human. I found myself stereotyping, and comparing the individuals, and that forced me to think about how I categorize people based on their looks and body language. I was even mad at some of the comparisons, and then I realized that I loved all of them, why shouldn't one be seen next to the other. We are all equals." - Brittany Johnson
Lovely work and very interesting to examine.
A wonderfull project !
A really interesting poforlio of Mark Laita. Through those portraits he did be able to bring out the inequality of this society.