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Alright Ladies And Gentlemen’s! I have an announcement to make! Yes! Kpop Radio where? Mobil device yaaaassss!!!!! It’s true! I came out with an awesome idea why not do a kpop radio? There’s none here in the US so why not? Now for the good part I’ll be updating soon with the positions. We will be recruiting people for special positions on our project give a round of applause for My Right hand @MichelleIbarra My Left Hand @qwalker1996 They’re helping me structure everything! They’re amazing peeps I recommend you guys too add them they’re both writers and bloggers! Their so sweet... Anyways without them I would go crazy! With this plan I had in mind! Thank you for helping me!! The plan here is to have a Group of awesome! Kpop Lovers!


Here’s what we are looking for: 1. Writers 2. Social Media Event Organizers 3. Social Media UPDATERS 4. The Reporters 5. The Translators 6. The Responder 7. Music Organizer & Finder 8. The Planner I will be explaining each and one of them,
1. Writer The writer is basically based in writing new articles let’s Make it clear no fake articles please. You want a write something awesome write it! We are a positive community we don’t like our bias to be judged. Let’s show them how much you love them! By writing positive and encouraging blogs!
2. Social Media Event Organizer Yes there is such called named social media event organizer yes you can be part of it! This is all creativity it all consists of beauty tips, Korean trends, teaching the Korean language, art, graphic art, singers? Whatever we are open to new ideas, you plan an event and out of the few fans out there that did your event we will give a shout out and feature them on our website and our radio show.
3. Social Media Updaters We need a few people who are available to update our web pages such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram and more. Now you will help the reporters post all those goodies (good news) onto our social media so we all know what’s going on!
4. The Reporter’s The Reporters will go behind the scenes and keep us posted on what’s happening such as kdramas, kpop, new MV’s coming out IG updates and the reason why it’s happening. For that your best friend will be the translators! Yay!
5. The Translator’s If you know fluent Korean and want to be part of our staff, apply now! We need translators! To translate what our bias are saying and what those Korean Letters mean on a Facebook page of our kpop group that we love, you will be there! To give us the first look! Of what they’re saying or when will their comeback be or other news.
6. The Responder Now the responder is an awesome place to answer Fan’s question’s, you’ll be answering any kind of questions only important ones, now if someone is requested to be Featured in our page you will be requested to ask some questions to that person, we will be having Kakaoo chats opened for any Live requests of songs! And you will be there to answer those calls or messages!
7. Music Organizer & Finder If you are a music guru we need you ASAP! This is all Korean music related! This is the job you’ll love the most! If you are passionate about music and you just love the groove of it but the lyrics of it too! This is your position! We are looking for two people. One is to organize the music and the other one is to find awesome new catchy songs with our awesome programs! You both will be working together as a group onto doing a schedule for a daily day! Are you in?
8. The Planner The planner is a very difficult task if you’re in for the risk then come on! We need a really mature person to plan everything for a whole week, that means integrating everything that the other workers have planned into one piece of paper and passing it two my left and right Hand for them to approve it and then passing it to me to see if it can go through it as a final pass.
Do you have what it takes to be one of these? If so apply!?
Just making it clear this is a free thing no charges are being used! So enjoy! We will be accepting applications starting today we will be sending you private messages, be patient it will take us some time to get this all started! This is so exciting! Any questions comment down below or private message us? My Kakaoo account is Sarangnana add me..! We will try to add music 24/7 and we will try our best to come out with an app but I can’t promise the app right now! All I can say is that this radio station you can hear it via internet on your phone 3g or 4g.
Now I need some Votes to name Our Radio Station I Have some Suggestions, 1. KpopMadness 2. KpopMania 3. KpopWorldWide 4. KpopInternational Any suggestions? Comment down below... We want everyone to know about our project! If you have a tag list! Post it on the comment area we want everyone to know! You want to screenshot this you want to promote it do it! Want to put it on Tumblr do it!!!! im giving you liberty to do it! Keke~! Let the whole world know about this awesome project!
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Also 'KpopInternational' sounds great to me.
@Sailynn good one the votes we're loop international so we decided to abbreviate it KpopINT 💖
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