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So, earlier today the new boy group, Astro, debuted. Their debut song is Hide&Seek. I was looking them up and there were lyric videos from 4-5 months ago. I don't understand much, but I am hoping that Kpop Vingle fam will learn about them with me.
I really like this song.
From what I know, Sanha is the maknae and MJ is the oldest. Right now my favorites are Moonbin and Sanha. But Cha Eunwoo is creeping up into the list. He looks like Jungkook from BTS, anyone else think that? They're both born the same year. And is his name Ricky or Rocky?
What do you think about them? I like them. If you know anymore information about them than there is in this card, please tell me in the comments. I want to get to know them better.
some facts about moonbin (my bias 馃榿): -he's childhood friends with Ikon's chanwoo -he played mini u know yunho in dbsk's mv for balloons (chanwoo was mini changmin) - he was in boys over flowers as the child version of Kim bum's character - his younger sister Sua is a yg trainee and was a contestant on unpretty rapstar 2
his name is rocky but for some reason some subs say ricky... idk it's weird. but they came out with a mini drama before their debut that's why they already had music out
God I love them.
And now I can't wait to see all the music videos they will make
I couldn't wait ever since "To Be Continue" finished. When it finished, I was waiting till this day to come to finally see "ASTRO" debut.