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It's time for another wild night everyone!!!

We've had some amazing story games in the past, and it's definitely time to write another collaborative fiction based on our favorite characters! Plus... we're all shipping them now, right?
Here's how it works:
I'll start the story off
The next person to comment will continue
We'll keep going until the story is over!
Let's start:

"Puddin," Harley grinned. "You know what would make our date even MORE romantic?"

Deadpool thought for a while before picking one up and hugging the day lights out of General penguin
Harley giggled, patting them on the head. "Did you know they mate for life sweetums? Isn't that cute?"
the penguins started to shake and cower in fear in front of the couple
Harley looked toward deadpool and said
A mighty penguin army arose in front of them. Armed with bubble guns and chocolate sauce cannons
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