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I've seen many anime and the death below was by far the saddest in my opinion. I don't know how I happened to stumble upon this anime but I don't regret watching it, even if it made me rather upset.
I advise if you haven't finish or started watching the anime below to stop reading now. I'd rather not spoil the whole show for you But if you have seen it, then you know the pain this death brought. This was the first anime death that genuinely made me tear up Your Lie In April: Kaori Miyazono
Why did you have to go... 😢😥
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this was so devastating. good pick!
u put the spoiler right after the anime name not giving me a chance to avoid it after I had already thought it was fma. thanks for spoiling lmao watch that in the future
My bad how is it now? Should I add more space? @thomaskontos222
@tylor619cruz yes much better haha I'll take one for the team anyday
Lol thanks sorry to ruin it for you tho😅😣@thomaskontos222