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When I was young and my mother had more say in what I wore, I was never allowed to leave the house without at least one piece of jewelry. Needless to say, that habit has stayed with me through the years. I feel naked without a stack of bracelets on my arms when leaving the house– and on normal day it's even more than that. Jewelry can do so much and say so much. Not only is it an accessory, but it can act as a conversation starter. I know that ever piece of jewelry I own has its own story behind it. What becomes difficult is managing all the jewelry. I have bracelets all over my rooms as decor... but keeping the majority in one place makes it a little easier to sift through. I suggest getting these cheap organizers from online that stack perfectly in drawers. I unstack when getting ready and re-stack for the day. I few extra minutes to keep yourself organized!
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amazing! I've always been thinking I should organize my jewelry but never actually do.... :( I'm gonna remake your card in Korean, to motivate myself and others! :D