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Hello! I am back with another apply fic!

If you're new to what an apply fic I'll explain. This is a regular story, with a plot, settings, characters. Only difference is, that the reader makes up a character to be in the story through a form that the author makes. My first apply fic is here; Chapter 1 Collection
I will reveal the different positions, but first there is something I have to announce. This story is a lot more different than the Run Valentine. In this apply fic I already have the outlines of the character. They have a saying and personality outlines. For example,
Maid "I'm not crazy." Personality: Shy, quiet but can speak her mind.
The first part; Maid That's who your character will be Second part; "I'm not crazy." Its just the saying that gives off a little bit of the person's persona. Third part; Personality Your characters personality should revolve around what the given info is.
Now this apply fic is mature content. It has trigger warnings and the plot revolves around mental illnesses and violence. The name of this story is called;

Escaping Rehab

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@MichelleIbarra like what do I doto apply? what's the rules? do's and don'ts
count me in
@Jinnyrod3 The rules and everything else will be included in the form. (The form is what you use to apply.)
Can u tag me
@QueenLele in the form or the story?