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Man At Arms: Reforged are a bunch of manly-man blacksmiths who are popular on youtube for their crafting of fan-favorite weapons from popular movies or games or other such pop culture things.
They're the guys who created the real-life replica of the saw cleaver from Bloodborne, and they're back at it again making video game themed weapons.
In this video the guys at the forge craft Master Yi's wuju blade from League of Legends, paying attention to all the fine details like the shape of the hilt and the green tinge of the blade. They even put the rings on the back.
I wish that I could do this kind of cool stuff, but since I'm useless with my hands and studied English in college, I'll just have to settle for watching these awesome dude do awesome stuff.
Check out the video of the process down here:
@MarcusCollins I feel you. maybe one day after winning the lotto
man at arms is the best i would love to buy one of their swords but it be expensive of hell