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I just recently finished Akame Ga Kill and I cried my eyes out.... Although I was sad that practically everyone in Night Raid died, the death of Tatsumi hit me the most.
Have tissues ready guys...
He was so passionate and in the end he achieved his goals. First he managed to help rid the kingdom of its corrupted government and his village was able to receive some money to help. It's just sad that his village never find out that him and his friends Sayo and Leyasu died for a good cause. @InVinsybll
Akame Ga Kill is so hard on the feels.... like damn. but you should check out the manga - it's still going and not everyone is dead
I just finished watching it to my heart was broken tastumi look to adorable I just cried 😣😭
to be honest I cried when esdeath died and turned herself and tastumi to ice and broke away I wanted them together I did I mean she loved him the most and till the end