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Welcome, Vingle Nakama!

The voting has finished across the board for all the categories of the Nakama Choice Awards, and we have all of the winners that were voted in by the community right here!
The mod team and myself, (@Danse @tbell2 @hikaymm @tylerdurso @voidx) would all like to thank everyone who participated in the nominations and voting, and we hope this trend can continue next year here in the community!
Check them all out below! Just swipe to see the winner!

Best ED -

Tokyo Ghoul √A: Kisetsu wa Tsugitsugi Shinde Iku by amazarashi

Best OP

Death Parade: Flyers by BRADIO

Best Supporting Female

Kofuku - Noragami Arigato

Best Supporting Male

Jellal Fernandez - Fairy Tail

Best Female Lead

Hiyori - Noragami Arigato

Best Male Lead

Yato - Noragami Arigato

Best Anime of 2015

Noragami Arigato

Tagging people who participated and some others! @simplynick @MarvelTrashcan @HiwaRasul @KarageChan @Kirik @PaulChavarria @StephenMorse @DaiGakuSei @PeteTehCat @RachaelMacy @DomenicNardella @naruto484249 @T0R1L @NicoleFowler @ArcticFox95 @DebbyLindsay @TarinRoberts @MadAndrea @BelleofRay @AmarShergill @ChelseaGarcia @thunder1254 @jannellvillanue @Animerocks1253 @DestinyAgnew @MelissaGarza @RachaelMacy @MaggieCokeley @EmmaJolie @FaithJackson @EmperorAsianInv @Kpmanalo @natsulover17 @DereckTorres @PokemonMasta @LenaBlackRose @shadoheart @Kirik @BobbieStinson @NinjaMouse @AustinThurston @brockw @TiffanyWallace @MatthewShelton @desireesowah143 @ebethoven @DebbyLindsay @ElleyWelley @SearraPigg @ReinShirai @SimoneSanders @qveenknip @Gladness @BlackoutZJ @LuffyNewman @Jerryhawk @ZacharyColeHall @Patmanmeow @AungkanaBami @MalcolmAllen @dachyhl @isssc1100 @HathcoatBrandon @AkiraItuha @HiwaRasul @pkmngmlcmlulu @Animerocks1253 @ScarletKitty @PeteTehCat @jealousshota @NinjaMouse @ChristopherKenn @ChrisCopeland @GiovanniRodri @BelleofRay @jeremimzy17 @StephenMorse @2fyelovan @Bestfluteever @dildil15 @turbidmocha @Yatosgirl @Cb12324245 @KeeganMayfield @nmiles907 @LaNiqueWilliams @reaper412 @JuanMedina @Angelina1 @DereckTorres @Nancy144123 @FairyTailG1rl @pirateking47 @mithzyramirez10 @Emmeronsage @CreeTheOtaku @DevilsSon @thunder1254 @chipsaaan @VictoriaKessel @Firelion999 @LucyOfFairyTail @PokemonMasta @simplynick @LorettaHon @noisyboy149 @JewelHarmer @otaku4 @IvanDiaz @MajahnNelson @DereckTorres @Majestical @DustinAtkinson @simimiey @TheDumDumTroll @ShalltearBloodf @malachiburrie @NathanielMoanan @DomenicNardella @AshChrimson @SeoInHan @LorettaHon @shagnasty360 @Arellano1052 @LizaNightshade @PASCUASIO @AlexAckerman @KarageChan @MarionThurston @Eclare @SilentPianist @TracyDeCamp @MichaelCochran @JosephMcCain @CadoAngelus @paultipps323 @spencerg2000 @KageTsuki040910 @ColeKat13 @RachaelMacy @Kirik @AngelusLapis @LadyLuna @SimoneSanders @desireesowah143 @ebethoven @DebbyLindsay @ElleyWelley @SearraPigg @StarsStrucked @JadaDiemand
@hikaymm I'm just so confused how everyone picked the Opening for Death Parade, but not the Ending! That Ending was beautiful, emotionally stunning and perfect. *flails* I get that the opening was catchy and fun, but dangit it was completely irrelevant to the show itself. XD The way people's minds work never ceases to fascinate and frustrate me. LMAO
Yeah sadly I don't agree with the winners myself, but a vote is a vote! (Which is normal since everyone has their own personal preferences, lol) Thanks to everyone who participated!
I'm pretty satisfied with this list. Seasons will definitely be one of my favorite endings of all time. And I always get Death Parade's theme song stuck in my head lol. Noragami got shown a lot of love which I'm glad for and I think Yato would be brought to tears to know that so many people respect him and recognize him. It was fun being able to nominate and vote on my favorite anime and characters. Would definitely like to see this done next year as well.
this was fun
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