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Challenged by @InVinsybll This is in MY OPINION! If you do not agree with me, then please don't make unnecessary comments Thanks :) ALSO THERE ARE SPOILERS IN HERE SO IF YOU DON'T LIKE THAT, PLS LEAVE :)
DEATH NOTE L ;-; I loved you L...but then Light had to go and FUCKING KILL YOU QAQ #1 reason why I hate Light :) But Light isn't that bad Cuz he's hot dammit But L ;A; he was my favorite detective! And if anyone says that Near ruined everything afterwards, you're wrong, cuz Near is the cutest emo sheep and he was a really good detective too!
TOKYO GHOUL DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED Poor innocent Hide, all he wanted was his best friend back Number I-don't-even-know-anymore of the Did Nothing Wrong Squad He was so innocent but not t the same time like he got caught up in the wrong side of town and fucking died ;-; And the ending ~A~ omg
SWORD ART ONLINE Okay, if you didn't cry at this part, then you're actually along with me I didn't cry at all cuz I'm heartless and all out of tears :) But Yui's death was so sad, she was the tiniest little bean and the cutest virus omg And then she just HAD to be terminated ;-; Poor Kirito and Asuna, she was like their child and then BOOM gone. Cry ;-;
So that's my top 3, they were all my opinion so pls no criticism ;-; thnx CHALLENGE: COMPLETED
@InVinsybll ikr D: he was a poor lil cinnamon roll :'(
Hide's death still messes me up. he was too beautiful, too pure for this world