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Meet Sanya, the cat with multiple personality disorder. This is her high teenager personality. we have had repeated interventions, but the Catnip has its grip on her.
Then she is Sanya the yoga instructor on Tuesday's and Thursday's. She is only 1 year old, but already a fitness guru.
Followed by Sanya the bracelet. She does not like her owner (my son) to leave her for to long.
Followed by Sanya the professional hugger.
Next is Sanya the instigator. She hides really well, before going on the attack. Her girlfriend, Nami the Siamese, is never safe.
And last, but not least, Sanya the Pole Dancer. It would be nice if she could start paying for her own food.
She doesn't know what she wants to be yet. But, that's OK because she makes us laugh on a daily basis.
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Haha this awesome!!!
@danidee sometimes I think my cat is part dog!
@alywoah What does your cat usually do?
He can fetch! I throw a toy and he brings it back to me!!!! @danide