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Gina Torres in New York, New York. Her parents are of multiracial Cuban descent. Torres is an American television and movie actress. You may recognize her Suits and Hannibal.
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Let's Talk About Gina Torres

- Torres was involved with Go Red For Women, an organization that encourages awareness in the issue of women and heart disease.
- She is a supporter of Dresses for Success, an organization that helps prepare out of work women for a chance at a new career.
- In 2001, she won the ALMA Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Syndicated Drama Series for her role in Cleopatra 2525.
I love her so much! SUITS is one of my favorite shows and she is a badass biotch on that show!
She's amazing!!! I love her :D
@TessStevens Jessica is probably my favorite character haha I'm always cheering for her whenever she's on screen @GifordPaul she was in Firefly and Serenity as well
idk who she is but she a fine as hell omg! god bless my latinas
She's definitely awesome!!! @shannonl5 @easternshell and thanks for reading these cards ^^
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