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The sharing food one is pushing it a little for me because I really like french fries all to myself. But for the right person? I guess I could spare a few ;)
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@RafaelRese18 omg, yeah that's the worst when you wake up freezing cold!! It is super cute isn't it :) @alywoah @danidee, it's the little things that make the relationship. (like stealing your bfs food!)
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I never stole any of my boyfriends' food when I was in a relationship, and now I am left with nothing but regret.
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Those are some of the best perks in a relationship, so you should probably makes sure you do that next time @danidee or start practicing on friends. i do that too
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I will. I will practice on all the friends starting today.
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Let me know how that goes @danidee :)
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