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If you're desperately alone or if you absolutely love feeling nostalgic, then clear two hours out of your schedule and get a bunch of snacks ready and watch Game-RaveTV's 5-Second Project with the PlayStation 1. I'm going to be totally honest with you, it's hard not to watch a bunch of this video once you get it started.
As soon as the clips of each game started showing up (in alphabetical order) I couldn't help be feel entranced by each game. I haven't played every PSX title but I've seen/heard of most of them. And watching the games come into the video and then leave in a second brought me back to the feeling of being a kid and flipping through the latest copy of EGM.
Now, to be perfectly honest, I skimmed through the video because I wanted to see games that I actually played and none of them have aged well. I mean, all the blocky graphics and the lo-fi sound design is something that I couldn't believe that I was astounded by when I first saw them.
But that being said, it made me think of something that I don't think newer gamers do a lot of in terms of playing. Since those older games had graphics that weren't all that great, there was a lot of use of imagination while I played the games to try and decipher some of the game's environments.
And I think that's why I usually remember older games as more vivid than they actually were. But these days, with the graphical advances gaming has made in the past couple of years, I think it's a lot easier for players to understand their environments, which isn't a bad thing but I miss the times I'd use my imagination to fully realize the world around my character in a game.
Oh well. I know I'm probably going to put this video on when I go to bed tonight and hopefully I'll dream about being a kid again.