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So, are you looking for something that's gonna get your abs shredded, but you're not interested in stupid sit ups? I gotchu. Get ready for a core hurtin' exercise.

1) Grip a barbell with 5s or 10s on each side.
2) Kneel on your knees to the floor and have the barbell placed in front of you.
3) Slowly roll the barbell forward stretching out your body. Make sure to keep your torso off the ground.
If you have any additional tips for this exercise, please let me know in the comments below and I will add them to this card. :)
The first picture, I wish I have abs like that... sigh... I tried the rolling, can only do two, my core muscles are weaker than a kittens meow....
lol. try taking your knees of the ground. that's a killer
@Animaniafreak lol I wish my abs look like that to but let's be honest, I don't put in the work for that kind of result. Yeah this exercise is definitely not easy.
suffer from knee injury, this training is impossible for me
Is it easier with heavier weights or lighter weights?