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"Give me one good reason why I should help you."
"For lil Mark of course. I told you countless times Jackie..... if you want Mark alive..... you ought to get me out of here. Copish?"
"Surgery is required Mr. Jackson. Your right leg isn't doing as well as before and we fear it might be spreading through your body..... if you don't get surgery on it, then, there's a high chance that by the time the illness spreads...... you'll die."
"How much would that be?"
"Well it would depend on how complex the surgery is, but I believe it would be about 3 million won."
3 million won, now where the hell am I going to get that kind of money?.
I've had an illness on my right leg since I was 4 years old. My parents tried figuring out what the name of it was but unfortunately there was non..... the illness was rare and unknown. I remember dad sending me off to a home for the disabled until my leg would work correctly, but nothing worked. He got very depressed and soon passed away. My mother believed it was time for me to get surgery on it but they never could because we didn't have the money for it.
Since my brother was very rich at that time, mom pleaded him for the money to do the surgery but he refused. He said to not depend on him and find the money ourselves. He had become addicted to money which led his marriage with a woman named Issang Yun to end. He married again, this time with a woman who was about 2 years older than him and a gold digger. She stole every single penny of his until he was flat broke. He came to me and my mom and apologized continuously and begging to be brought back into the house. The poor soul lost his home, car, company and dignity to his ex-wife and surprisingly still trying to win her back. 2 days after he was sent into the hospital, he had the same illness I had and when he had all his money, he was able to drain it back rather than getting it removed permanently. 1, 2, 3,4......... gone. I had spread to his heart and killed him.
How can I tell Mark about my condition, or that I'm helping his father escape from prison. Will he hate me because of this or will he stay with me until the very end?. Tell me.. what should I do?, you're smart aren't you?, you should know.
I won't tell him, not until things go back to normal and we can finally live our lives. By that time he won't care anymore about those issues and move on....... I hope.
wait is he asking me....My advice is to tell mark JACKSON! HOW can you help the man that killed his mother an sister he won't forgive if you do do you know the trauma he went there an tell him about your Illness before it get worse what if just one day- *ugly sobs like an idiot* why don't you understand you fake fictional character base on the real life Chinese Korean singer Jackson that in a group call got7 who ruin my list when I clearly said no stop it I love Bambam but he came an fuck it up sorry I started ranting
OKAY so here's my thought. I would tell him because a relationship isn't good starting off I with lies. Second if mark truly loved Jackson then mark would listen to his reason and not just to conclusions. Finally, I pretty sure mark would stay with Jackson if he told mark about his illness lol BC mark cares so he would stay with Jackson. Those are just my thoughts on this whole ordeal
OMG!!!! What's happening!?!?!? AHHHHH!!!!!!!
Oh My Goodness !!! this is so unexpected??!!!..What??! is he going to die or something here??!.. WTH??!.. ok..ok.ok...this....is.....going. ..to...be....a...long...long.....story. ..right??!??!..ok.. I just want to get ready.. and be patient. ..lol.
omg man no way an illness and on top of that Marks dad wants him to get a Laywer this is crazy
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