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Finally!! Part 6!!! Sorry for the long wait. School is just kicking my a**. Plus, writer's block sucks. >:( Happy Reading!!!
He wraps his arms around your waist as you put on your earrings. "Thanks for coming with me." he says as he rests his head on your shoulder. You respond by placing your hands on his and rest against him. "Are you nervous?" you ask. "Terrified" "It'll be okay," you reassure him. He tightens his grip around you. "I hope so." He looks around and turns his attention to the broken frame by the wall. "What happened to the frame?" You start to blush and looked down at the floor. "I got mad," you answer shyly. Chanyeol chuckles, "So you threw the frame at the wall?" You slap his hand, which is still around your waist. "Don't start," you say. He chuckles and plant a kiss on your cheek. "I'm just teasing you," he glances down at his watch, "We better head out. No point in being late." he untangles his arms from you and walks out of the room. You inspect yourself one more time before following him. You can feel his nervousness as you stand close to him. "Don't be nervous," you say as you touch him arm. "Trying not to be," he answers. You connect your arm around his as he grabs his keys. You both walk out of your apartment and down to the parking lot, ready to face the unknown ~~~~~
The drive there was completely silent. You didn't try to speak up. You knew Chanyeol well enough to know that, when Chanyeol gets nervous, he tends to grow silent. He pulls into the parking lot, squeezing your hand, which he was holding for the whole drive. "I'm scared," he lets out as he parks the car. "Me too," you reply. He shuts off the car and releases your hand. You both get out and walk through the parking lot, preparing for the worst. You walk into his family's restaurant. You've never been there before, but when you walk in, you are stunned. It's bigger than you thought it would be. Tables and booths were lined in neat rows, and the floor tiling was so beautiful and clean. When you walk in further, you can smell the aroma of burning stoves and fresh noodles being boiled. A couple is sitting at one of the tables, a waiter taking their order. Chanyeol told you what this place was like, but you never pictured it like this. It was a simple restaurant, but beautiful nevertheless. It didn't look like a business that was falling apart. You walk next to Chanyeol as he found the closest booth away from the couple. You sat down next to him. "This place is really beautiful," you say. "Yeah. My parents restored it," he puts his hands together, "It was their dream." You scoot closer to him. "Everything will be alright," you say before kissing his cheek. He smiles. "Thanks." You turn your head and see a man similar to Chanyeol walking towards you. "Chanyeol," he shouts. Chanyeol shots up from his seat and walks around you to greet the man. You can't hear their conversation, but you know right away it's his dad by the way his domineer changed. You studied them a little longer. You catch his dad giving you side glances. 'Does he know about us?' you think. You guys haven't gone "public" yet, but did Chanyeol tell him?
Then Chanyeol's father walks toward you and sits in the seat across from you. He stiffen up, but try not to show it. "So," he says after what feels like an eternity, "Who are you?" You look up at the man and see features about him that are similar to Chanyeol's. You look over at Chanyeol, but he doesn't look back at you. "I-I'm (Y/N), I'm one of Chanyeol's friends," you answer shyly. "Why are you here?" "To help Chanyeol," you reply. You feel your face become red. You didn't imagine meeting his father would be like this. He looks over at Chanyeol, who is still motionless. "He really loves music," he says in a whisper. He nods and turns his attention back to you. "I don't want to take it away from him, but it is what it is." A confused look spread across your face. "What do you mean?" "We need help around here, and I can't hire anyone." "But why force him to do it?" Your mind starts processing what's happening. He looks in Chanyeol's direction, but doesn't him stand by the table.. "Music is just a hobby. He'll get over it eventually." You feel a bubble of frustration brew up inside you. How could he say that? Music is not just a "hobby" to Chanyeol and you knew that. Music was everything to him. "It's not just a hobby to him," you say, looking straight into his eyes. "Music is everything to him. He'd rather die than not be able to produce music. Why can't you see that?" He looks back at you. "We're all passionate about something, but sometimes that passion dies out. If Chanyeol loses that passion, I want this to be an option for him. Then, maybe he can take over this place."
You look around and see people lining up by the entrance. The restaurant hasn't opened yet, but it seems to already be busy. You look towards the kitchen and see the worker's already sweating. Your mind starts to piece things together and anger rises inside you. This place wasn't one the verge of destruction, it was alive and well. It was making enough money to survive and pay the employees. You feel your hands clench into fist. He may have tricked Chanyeol, but it hasn't worked for you. He just want's Chanyeol to live the dream his father never had. You look at him, almost on the verge of exploding, "That's why you want Chanyeol here," you say quietly, "So your dream about passing down your restaurant can be fulfilled?" you say in a loud and stern voice. "That's some of it. But-" "So you're wiling to force your son to give up his dream just so you can have yours?" you say in a harsher tone. You were furious at this man. You've heard so many great things about this person, but this isn't the person Chanyeol talks about. This is a different man. He sighs, "Listen Y/N," "No, you listen," you couldn't hold it in anymore. "Chanyeol will never give up music. Even if you force him to. He lights up when he talks about music. It's his way of expressing his feelings. If you take that away from him, he will be upset and angry at you. Do you want your son to be disappointed in himself?" "Y/N" "Do you want him to hate you for taking away his sanctuary?" you shout. The couple sitting down looks over at you, but you didn't care. He rubs his eyes, "Looks, I understand why your concerned about Chanyeol, but this is what's best for him." "What's best for him?" you stand up and slam your hands on the table, biting back the instant stinging from the impact. "This is not what's "best" for him. Do you even see his drive for music? This restaurant is not his dream, and judging by the line of people waiting to be served," you point at the line of people, which is now leading outside the front door, "This business is doing just fine!" You grab your jacket and walk away from him, not giving him another chance to speak. You storm out the restaurant, not caring about the glances you were receiving.
You walk up to your car and see Chanyeol leaning against it. He looks up at you, his face showing no emotion. "I'm sorry," you say as you get in the passenger side of the car. Chanyeol watches you get in and then follows your lead. You keep your head down the whole drive home, not willing to speak to Chanyeol, yet. Not ready to tell him the truth.
love this! 💕💕💕
omg that made me mad its so trueee
oooo he just got served
ahhhhh yay!!!! good for me standing up like that!!! lol anything for our chanyeol!!! 😘🙌🙌🙌🙌😍💞💞👊
so glad she didnt keep it all in.
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