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Traveling, and I don't mean vacationing, I mean good, hard, stressful, amazing, disorienting traveling requires an awesome travel buddy. The perfect person at your side is what makes a trip awesome...or....a down right horror story.
You see, you can't just take any ol' friend with you to another country. You need that one special person. And that special person NEEDS to understand these 4 rules.

1. They respect the ovaries over brovaries

This mostly happens with girls but can also apply to guys. When you go out in another country its fun to flirt, hook up, and just have a great time. But when your travel buddy is all about leaving you high and dry for any cute person with a smile, going out can get a lot less fun. Embrace your scandalous nights but also remember that you came to have fun with your bestie !

2. They aren't looking to black out every night.

You know whats worse then a friend ditching you for someone else at every bar? The friend that you have to babysit when you should be having fun. Not to mention that blacking out every night in a foreign country is sooooo dangerous. Safe traveling is fun traveling.

3. They understand the comfort of silence

Traveling is days upon days with the same person, cramped living conditions, and a lot of disorientation. So it is a requirement to be able to feel comfortable just sitting in silence doing your own thing together. Long train rides, early morning airports, and hungover breakfasts are hard enough, don't feel the need to have to entertain someone.

4. They call you out and don't hold grudges.

Fights can happen. Not real, full blown fights, but slight jabs and silly hurt feelings are unavoidable when you are someones soul source of comfort, someones rock for weeks at a time. You need to be with someone who will call you out when you are being an asshole and vice versa. No use traveling with someone you need to stand on egg shells with. And a trip with grudges isn't a trip at all, its the 7th ring of hell. Lets things blow by, it isn't worth being upset over.
Exactly!! And I don't mind walking EVERYWHERE. You'll hear no complaining from me @LizArnone :)
@nicolejb YESSSS you get it I feel like me and you would have been excellent travel buddies haha like I go on vacation to get drunk I want to SEE EVERYTHING when I travel. Having a hangover every day kind of ruins that mood
I love this!! some of my friends a great travel buddies, and some (though I love them) are not. haha for me it depends on flexibility and desire to see new things. I always want to be walking around and discovering stuff, and if you are high maintenance and not about that --- sorry I'm leaving you behind ;)