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Of course, leave it to one of my favorite caterers, 24 Carrots Catering (which is based in Orange County, CA) to up the ante at the dessert bar with this incredible display of liquid nitrogen ice cream!
Since summertime is the busiest wedding season on the calendar, don't forget about fun creative ways you can (and should) keep your guests cool. If they're going to break a sweat, let it be because they're killing it on the dance floor!
There's actual science behind liquid nitrogen ice cream, which dips as low as 360 degrees BELOW ZERO! That's some pretty cold processed dairy! Point being, you don't want to diy this at your wedding. Partner with professionals to ensure that no one gets hurt! Who wants frostbite on their wedding day?!
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@marshalledgar I was planning on driving 5 all the way up the west coast. I'm sure it's a beautiful drive. I grew up in Denver, where you get a little bit of the country life, along with the city life, (or so it used to be). Always a short drive away from civilization, into the mountains. I wanna visit other places, but Colorado will always be home to me! Even if Denver becomes a metropolis, with all the people moving here for cannabis! (Maybe it already is? Too many people!)
@TurtleyTurtles I only took the 5 south after leaving San Francisco. So I am not familiar with it north of that area. Cannabis is EVERYWHERE!!!! LOL When I first moved to LA I was shocked to see so many green crosses. Didn't know what they were until a friend told me.
@marshalledgar You should see it here. There are multiple recreational and medical shops on one block, in most places. I've been to one, but I prefer not to get mine at shops. You never know what people use to grow it. I've read that Colorado has gained over 100,000 new residents in the past year. It's definitely getting crowded. I can't wait until other states legalize it.
personally, I can't stand the smell of it. never done it. don't care to @turtleyturtles lolol
@marshalledgar And that's fine. It's not for everyone. I use it mostly for the medicinal properties. It helps with insomnia and pain. I've been dealing with some dental issues and pain from suspected Fibromyalgia, and it helps better than any over the counter pain meds. I know a few people, my sister as an example, that can't use it. It gives them anxiety and/or makes them feel sick.