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The New York Yankees is known for being a very rich baseball team.

And their fans are known for being very rich as well. The Yankee organization may deny it, but their new ticketing policy seem to point to this fact after they opened up their new $1.5 billion stadium.
The elitism in Bronx reached its all-time high when Yankees Chief Operating Officer explained why they banned tickets printed at home. Executive Lonn Trost said, "Quite frankly, the fan may be someone who has never sat in a premium location. So that’s a frustration to our existing fan base."


"The rich fans who buy $1,200 tickets don't want to watch the game next to people who aren't used to sitting in $1,200 seats. What if they do something uncouth, like cheer?"
That is so low.

Baseball fans, what are your thoughts on the Yankees COO taking this type of stance when it comes to seating at Yankee Stadium?

@mchlyang @Bobs @mchlyang @DucktheFodgers this is why I am a giants fan. the rich don't care who sits next to them as long as you bleed black and orange lol
The Giants management would never say this kind of shit
So glad I'm a Mets fan!!! yuck the fankees!!!
@misterE Haha fosho brotha!
@shannonl5 definitely yes a good call! it would be sad if they had. I'm a Yankee fan and would be upset if they tore down Fenway! at least their management cares about the fans and tradition!
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