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This year, you can see numbers of earth tones outfits in the market !
I've seen quite a number of celebrities or fashion bloggers rocking this colour !
For me this colour is absolutely gorgeous but I guess not everyone suits this colour !
Tell me what do you think about this colour and do you own any outfit in this colour ??? ^^ Happy Tuesday !
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@MyAffairWith For me 1, 2, 4 is my fav ^^
@cindystran ikr its hard to find this colour items. I think you can try to find it online, its easier to do searching >.<
I love the first and the second outfits, especially the pants.
@waanderer good choices :)
I don't own any outfit in that color but I'm considering getting a skort to wear for spring! I just haven't found the right one yet! I should've purchased it a year ago when Zara still carried it! :(