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The Daily Mail reported a fascinating study where 102 men and women were tested during 12 minutes of flirting, done by the University of Kansas.
Boiled down, here's what 12 minutes generally looks like when flirting with you.
How many of you are going to study this to see how your next date goes? Or are you looking to use this as a tool to communicate more effectively to your next date? Either way, report back what you learned from this.
Guys, if she stops asking you questions, it's a clear sign that she's just not interested in you. Best to cut the date short and let everyone go home! hahaha
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There's the key "conversation flow", I like that. For me, it's also depending on the company. @ThePervySage
.... I am obvious when I like a guy. ask my bf. I however will think you are just teasing me/ being nice to me even if you ARE flirting.
aww.. it's remind me for my first sight love...and forever
Interesting! I wonder how many people actually NEED tips to figure out if people are into them or not. It's something I can just tell instinctively - do you ever find yourself confused as to whether someone's into you?