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As a women who has time and time again gotten broken up with for reasons I can't explain. This quote only shows how intense of feelings we truly feel. Is it more common to see quotes or sad stories about women getting hurt or men? This is a constant battle with relationships. Many couples fight even though everyone hates it its natural and it's healthy to be imperfect. At the end of the day it's not the quantity of how much you fight but the quality of the argument. Take a step back see what they see, feel what they feel because one day you never know how far you have taken it until they are gone. That's when you will realize the quality meant more than the quantity!
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Wise words @Swimchick19 :) it sucks when relationships turn out causing more pain than good memories. But you know what, the right person is out there. And with them, things will be so much less compilations and difficult! I agree we have to cherish relationships while we have them :) but keep up hope, the right person is out there.