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So I've liked got7 for a few months now.......I thought they seemed really awesome! Then I started my mission to find a bias.
Of course, I was instantly drawn to Jackson. His wild and crazy personality instantly spoke to my heart! Plus he's gorgeous, a great dancer, and his laugh is quite possibly the best thing ever.
Then this little bugger showed up and made me rethink my life.....He's the cutest thing ever! his voice is amazing, he's an incredible dancer, and I feel the need to repeat that he is the cutest thing EVER
NOW THIS PERSON IS SNEAKING UP ON ME AND TOTALLY WRECKING MY BIAS LIST. I mean really?! I was already struggling with finding my bias now I gotta keep you in line....his perfect bone structure, his eye smile, and his powerful voice.....Ugh!
But in all honesty, I love got7 so much. They are all so insanely talented and I will support them till the end :))
JB is my number one but if Markson is together I can't take my eyes off them.
see you cant have just one..... @UnicornSuga they are all loveable little teddy bears
@RebeccaLondon I feel you
my fav three from GOT7 r 1.BamBam 2.JB 3.Jackson also markymoo ❤