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It's Monday! And yes Monday is the worse day of the week! But here are some sexy edits ok kpop idols with dream tattoos! Warning you will drool!
Oh my.....
I...I....can't breath Are you still breathing?
I need these to become reality
*inhale* okay....are we still alive? Cause I'm not sure I am!
Well I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Until next Monday! If you want to be tagged just ask! @LisetteZapata
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No these are edits online lol google them! There are a lot! @MadAndrea
@StephersTaylor Dang cause I wanted to do some but my apps suck lol
If I find one that works well I'll let you know! @MadAndrea
i dont even like tattoos that much but god damn these were good
okay so I died several times, I think my heart really stop and my eyes grew large in appreciation of the DongWoo one. strangely I can't accept Kai ssi's pure skin marked but can definitely admire his bestie Taemin tatted... yumm..