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As the card so mentions, I need your help. I want to write a song to post on youtube but am lacking some serious inspiration. I would for Vinglers to help me out. In the comments, I would like you guys post how you're feeling right now in one sentence. Happy, sad anxious...whatever you want to say, say it. Before anybody gets any ideas remember that this place a judgement-free zone. I only want to hear you out and learn something from you guys. To all who participate, thank you. It really means alot. Spread the word. I would like to get loads of people to help me out. THANK YOU.
I'm really happy becuz I found my soulmate even if he is miles away from me I can feel his love and how he cares about me truly. He doesn't care how I look like just the way I am
mind blown away/ entertained
Feeling kinda depressed. Not sure why but I've been down a lot recently but at the same time I'm feeling happier than before.
debating the merits of getting up.
hungry but also sleepy
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