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Sexy queen G.Na imitated Lady Gaga’s ‘ribbon hair.’ On the afternoon of May 30, G.Na uploaded two pictures and posted on her Twitter, “Before the shooting yesterday, I tried little Lady Gaga’s ribbon hair with a bright smile. In truth, I tried to wear my hair in a bun, but my hair and make-up stylist told me that it looks like a ribbon. At a second glance, it really does look like a ribbon.” In the picture, G.Na looked more mature with her wavy hair dyed in two colors. She tried a whole new style by imitating Lady Gaga’s ‘ribbon hair.’ Netizens commented: “You said that you gained weight, but you look skinnier. So beautiful.” “You have the perfect body and face.” “You look more innocent now. You must’ve taken good care of yourself.” G.Na recently made a comeback with her third mini album, and is actively performing her title song “2 Hot.” Source: Starnews Translated by