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makeup stash
after several attempts I have finally achieved my makeup to be organized. (vanity , 2 cosmetic organizers, & brush holder) - For those intrigued, I purchased the organizers each for under 20, the brush holder for 2$ on ebay! So don't fall for those sites that sell them overpriced!
3 lipstick holders, 2 makeup organizers, & one brush holder.
Definitely love the final look but always open to more ideas. @jordanhamilton
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@jordanhamilton yaas and easy to find at last lol
2 years ago·Reply
@TessStevens best purchase I have made and it was under 200$ at walmart
2 years ago·Reply
it looks great! so glad it all came together for you
2 years ago·Reply
this looks so nice!!!! deff need to buy some
2 years ago·Reply