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There are only 30 or so games left in the regular season.

This also means that we only have 30 more chances to see the great Kobe Bryant play basketball.

And to appreciate Kobe's are some stats that will make your jaws drop.

Yeap. He played through all that to earn the title, one of the greatest players of all time.

And to top it all off...this happened this season.
It looks like Kobe hurt his finger as he walks over to the Lakers' trainer.
The trainer takes a look and finds out it's a dislocation. So what does he do? Pop it right back in. And what does Kobe do?

Go right back in to play some more basketball.

You can't beat this guy when he's zombie mode is on.

@DucktheFodgers Yeah the NBA would not be the same without Kobe
Although I do hate Kobe, gotta show some respect for the Black Mamba