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When jackson gone on tour but still want to snapchat you to make you laugh.
When your in a different country while he's at home ge misses you so much.
When jackson and you fight you always win so he tries to changed the subject or tries to win buts fails.
When he just wants to act cute for you
ONE SHOTS TIME!!! So it's about 5 am and jackson wanted to come over and work out with me but can't because of his schedule. . . . It was about 8 am and i started to put my work out gear on and head to the gym. I was finally at the gym and i notice jackson working out. I headed over to where jackson were sitting and pushed his head. why did you lie to me? I just wanted to surprise after 3 month of not seeing you. Oh..Well let's start working out then alright I'll help you with the weights. Whatever!
cute...tag me please
@PrettieEmm Our Baeeee! 😍😍
I love it!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•