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I sit in my dark room just laying down Breathing in and out Soft sighs And then like a tidal wave My eyes start tearing up And one by one tears pour out Memories I don't want to remember comes crashing in. Reminding such horrible memories that haunt me till night. I scream a silent scream Feeling the pain on my body Feeling as if it was happening again And the feeling of loneliness hits my chest and lingers there for quite time. Day shows up Time to put my mask on False smile that people take Hiding what I actually feel When home the mask slips off And I can't help but break like a weak stick. There won't be no one there to help anyways how can they help? Another day comes and just when things start good I laugh on what my friends say Then my smile disappears and that feeling comes again I smile with a tear coming down But I can't go back Not there again I only have a small portion of lightness but it's there to remind I'm completely engulfed in darkness I smile even if I'm broken I know I can get out of this I can be free from these shackles But until then I'll keep fighting even if it has to take forever It's funny how the mind thinks. Now I feel a headache forming Today isn't my day
@MaricelvaRomero I'm sorry.. I'm here if you want to talk
@PrettieeEmm thank you and it was one horrible day yesterday but thanks for liking it
this is beautiful..
Thanks so much @PrettieeEmm