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Chapter 3 Title: New Beginning Sunlee Pov. Me and Jimin we're put in shocked for about 2 minutes and then continued talking. We talked about our career and our family and stuff. About 2 hours later we left and jimin dropped me off at my dorm. But he did wait until i got inside. He went inside with me. Yah why are you coming inside with me? Because I live here too. Oh. Okay then. Hey show me your room? Why? Because I'm your fiance duh. Fine! . . . . . Okay so here it is. Here? Yeah why? Because I live next door. Omo jinjja! Ne..Wae you don't think I live here? Anio.. I just think that why would my fiance live next door to me. Oh... . . . . . After that talk mom called and told me and jimin to meet at her house. So i called jimin and told him. Jimin Pov. So I got a call from Sunlee and she said for me to meet at her mom house so I said okay what time and she said 9:30pm . . . . . So it was 9:30 and me and sunlee went inside her moms house. About an hour later she told us that we will be living together we we're shocked at what she said. Wait eomma what about sehun? Oh Sehun You know he don't come home that often. But what about my room? What would happen to my room? Girl why do you ask so much questions I said and then shoved a cookie in her mouth. Yeah you ask to much questions now come on and go home it late out. Okay said sunlee Sunlee mom gave us the key to the house that we will be living in. So tomorrow we can move in. ~~~Next Day~~~ Sunlee pov. I slowly awaken and felt something next to me. It felt like a body So I looked and found jimin next to me. I stared at his face for a while and notice that he was really handsome and cute by the way he was sleeping. Enjoying the view? I widened my eyes and said no as i started to blush. I didn't know he was awake the whole entire time. You know you enjoyed looking at my face. I didn't answer and left to the bathroom. Jimin pov. I woke up but I felt something next to me and my arms were around something I open my eyes and saw that it was sunlee. I was shocked that it was sunlee but I stared at her face and saw how beautiful she was about 2 minute pass and i was still looking at her face and then I saw that she was about to wake up so I pretended to fall back to sleep. I felt that she was looking at me so I asked "Enjoying the view" I knew she was shocked she said no and left to the bathroom. So I got up and stared to get changed but right about when sunlee was about to get out the bathroom i took off my shirt in front of her /Nice Timing hehehe/ I looked over and saw that she was surprise. She started to blush really bad. I walked over to her as said "Good Morning Honey" in deep kind of voice and kissed her head. She ran out the bedroom so i wouldn't see her blush. Sunlee pov. /OMG Jimin WHAT HAS HE DONE/ (Thats the toughts) I was blushing like crazy because of the little man of over there. Sunlee~ahh can you please give me a towel. SURE! I walk into the bedroom and got one of the towel on the shelf. As soon as i was at the bathroom door i knocked on the door and it open i and gave him the towel but he pulled it to strong and i fallen in. /He did it on purpose did he/ He grabbed the towel and wrapped it around his waist i got up but then he pin me to the wall and kiss me. I was lost in the kiss i stared to move my lips too. It was a soft but passionate. We soon moved to the bedroom and stuff happened(they had a pillow fight) . . . . . About time we got to the new house and all of our stuff is here so we don't have to move them. We just have to unpack it. . . . . After an hour of unpacking our stuff me and jimin just sat on the couch and watch t.v. About two hour later me and jimin moved to the bedroom and jimin fell asleep. I was still up watching tv and zoned out to think about our new begining.
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