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Note I edited and add more to the story


smutty stuff Rate M dirty talk enter at your own pleasure ;P


okay guys here it is the full short fanfic I don't know if i should keep it going tell me what you guys think and if i should its my first fanfic go easy on me please enjoy i got inspired by their MV Chained Up comment if you wish to get tagged IF i make a continuation or if i make more fanfic just tell me ^.^ Vixx LR preview @AbbyRamey @KAddict @DestinaByrd @Jinislife @KaisPrincess @AmberRelynn @EniorehFrancois @tinafalcon22 @merryjayne13 @LysetteMartinez @OliviaEdwards @KaeliShearer
Leo teasingly start to unzip Ravi pants giving him such a seducing look that drive Ravi crazy and Leo enjoyed the way ravi would try to escape cuff even more when he beg Leo to remove the cuff the look in Ravi eye burned with a lusting desire Leo body heated up with just the thought of Ravi Dominating him an fucking him these exotic thought caused Leo to get even harder than before "Like what you see" Ravi smirk an said in a teasing tone a grin grow upon Leo face as he use to finger to claim up Ravi chest than sliding them back down to the tip of Ravi dick twirling them this made Ravi body tremble "aren't we sensitive hmm let see what happens if I.." leo said as he lick the tip repeated he could taste Revi juices Ravi let out a small groan which made leo stop an look at him
damn he look so hot with all that sweat that expression he makes just make me want Ugh fuck
said leo in his thought He start to stroke and lick Ravi dick still teasing the hell out of him even though ravi was so hard already it hurt but Leo enjoy the way his dick throbs "stop fucking being a tease you ass" ravi said with a rough tone of voice Leo raps hand around Ravi dick and start to suck and lick it starting off slow and speeds up Ravi moans from how fucking good Leo was at this his body tremble uncontrollably from the sensation Ravi look at Leo making eye contact Leo eyes full of hunger Leo stuck it in his mouth deeper an deeper causing him to almost gag ravi smirk "Couldn't take it all the way in" he said with a cocky voice Leo squints his eyes at ravi in a irritated way an said smirk rolling his eyes "don't flatter yourself" shoving it back into his mouth and deep throat the way it ravi dick throb made leo get harder causing it to hurt he could take it anymore an pulled away claiming top of Ravi lap an positioning himself and shoving ravi inside of him making them both give out a loud moan Ravi bit his bottom lip as Leo was shoving it in it cause him to make his lip bleed Leo notice and lick the blood off of ravi bottom lips and kiss his neck as he sat on top of ravi feeling his throbbing dick inside of him Leo start to slowly ride Ravi slamming him self against him lap harder an faster over time they begin to sweat from the heat created from their heavy breathing an the warmth of their body give Ravi the Opportunity to break loose of both his hand and feet Ravi grab a hold of Leo and pins him down against the floor in the missionary position Ravi grab both of leo arms and raps them his legs so that he couldn't fight back an rams into leo an let out moans louder and louder as ravi pond him harder and faster their breathing get faster an heavier harder! Leo shouted More! He beg desperately ravi turn leo placing him on all fours and grabbing a hold of leo collar as he begans to thrust over an over harder faster until they both reach orgasm.
the end Hope you enjoy kinda rush it and yeah i kinda wanna write a little story of them but with more of a plot lol tell me what you think an sorry for the misspelled word or if some word dont make sense ill fix it later if there is ^.^ how did i do for an newbi?
@KaisPrincess @marisamusic thank you!! I should really not rush it right I knew the grammar was off but I half ass it I'll be sure to write it down than type it anyways thanks for your advice I appreciate it so much
i feel like this ship is do underated in tge amount of f nfics actually made for them
@twistedPuppy - Writing takes time and the only way to improve is to write everyday. ^_^
@twistedPuppy Lmaooo..okay I can wait..just get your inner smut first..hahaha..
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