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This card goes out to all the ladies who love fashion but not the prices! Trust me, I am right there with you! But I am dedicating this card to @peahyr because she challenged me to come up with a Spring/Engagement look that was attainable without having to sell the car.
In a previous card I shared with you my easy breezy vision for wearing skin-breathing attire for Spring or your wedding engagement (or both!), which you can see here.
You can view it here side by side above.
Which look do you prefer?
And are these looks worth the price of $2,667 and $115 respectively?
Forever 21
Strapless Lace Cotton Dress
Carnney Stiletto
Circles Open Cuff
Spin The Bottle
False Lashes mascara
I wanted to say thanks for the $6 mascara note (Hard Candy's Ginormous mascara) that @turtleyturtles mentioned. It's sooo true that there are great finds out there that won't break the bank. That's why I always encourage you to shop for your cosmetics at places like Sephora (and elsewhere) that have astonishingly great return policies. Find what you love, be open to exploring other options, and shop smartly! I have a feeling @MyAffairWith is going to be teaching me some lessons in styling--WHICH I LOVE! Bring it! I'd love to see your vision for a Spring/Engagement look. Something natural that you speak of. I love to see your ideas on fashion, style, makeup. It should surprise you all that I originally chose a (close toe) pump for the original card. Because like @peahyr I am A HUGE FAN OF OPEN TOE SHOES!!! hOWEVER, I simply couldn't resist these Tom Ford slingbacks--DIVINE!
Weeeell, I like the price but I think I would go ahead an pay for the original dress. I like it a lot more. However, I really love this outfit all the same😩😍
Thanks for the lovely feedback ladies! I am SOOO GLAD that @peahyr loved this even more than the original. It's funny how a knockoff (or similar look) can sometimes look better than a designer look. Plus, the price is SOOO MUCH better too. I will have to side with @humairaa in that I prefer the combination of the first look versus the second look. There's something about the structure and masculinity of the Fendi bracelet that seals the deal for me. The original dress wasn't too far off for what you'd pay for a decent dress at a major department store. Probably well worth it if you want something truly remarkable as @dimplequeen alluded to.
The original is just 😍😍😍😍
Nice look. I definitely like the cotton dress and this whole look. I might do a natural look to this accompany this. I wouldn't add any other accessory to this either. I like it just the way it is.
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