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I look up at the sky and see the bright blue sky and white puffy clouds. The sun hits on every part of my skin. Feels great to be able to wear shorts and a tank top. Then I walk towards the beach, I take of my sandle and let the sand sprinkle all over my toes. Then the water comes and cools my feet. I close my eyes and breath in the scent of sea salt. A pair of hands hugs behind me. I smile ear to ear. Then I touch those pair of hands. Its smooth and warm. I open my hands and turn myself around to face him. His eyes looks at me with power. He smiles and I blushed. He grabs my hips and pull me closer to him. The warmth of his body is just perfect. Then he leans closer to me. "What's my name Oh Ja-ni?" He said with a smooth voice. I close my eyes as he gets closer to my lips. "Seungri" I whispered.
RING RING RING RING RING!! I woke suddenly and heard my phone ringing. I quickly grabbed it and saw it was TOP. "Hello?" "Damn, you can deff sleep! Been calling you for the past 10 min" "Sorry" "No need, can you be here in 30 minutes. Seungri is desperate to see his babe" "Huh?" "The car, Oh Ja-ni" "Oh oh.. ya. I'll be there" "Ok" I hang up the call. And then slammed my head back to the pillow. I rubbed my face with my hands. *What was that dream about* I then went to shower and get myself ready. As I grab the car keys, Tony was in the living room. "Heyyy, where you going?" "I got to drop off Seungri's car" "Wait?? WHAT!!?" "ya ,I went out last night with Seungri to a club which he was a host." "Damnn girl. Your on fire" "Thanksz" I wink and left. I turn on the car. Then I look around. *Wow this car is beautiful* Then I push a button which opened the roof. *Ohhh snappp* I found a pair of sun glasses and put it on. *Life is just beautiful* Then I left towards TOP's house. Then I arrived at TOP's house and parked the car in the private driveway. I saw TOP coming out. Then Seungri running outside like a kid. "My baby!!!!!" Seungri screams and then hugs me. My eyes pop open. *Thank God I have the sun glasses on.* "Thank you J.J for watching over my love baby." "Its no problem. But I enjoyed driving it. Very awesome. Oh here is your sunglasses." "Nah, keep it man. Looks great on you. " I smile big and then I saw TOP grinning. "Seungri, you should treat him for breakfast. He did brought back your car in one piece. " *What!!!?? TOP what are you doing?* "Your right, Be right back. let me get my jacket" Seungri runs inside the house. I walk towards TOP and slap him on the shoulder. TOP laughs. "Why you did that for?" "What, I didn't do nothing. Just saying.!" "Your being suspicious now TOP" "Have fun" He winks. *Your lucky your an idol* Then Seungri grabs my hand and starts running towards the car. We both climbed inside and Seungri steps on the gas.
We arrived at a restaurant. It was big and beautiful. We sat down on a private room, to avoid other people. I open the menu and hide my face from Seungri. Then I fangirl silently till Seungri talked. "Do you know what you want to order" "No, I don't eat out a lot. And its been five years i haven't been in Korea" "Ok." Then Seungri looks at the waitress. "We will have the same thing" The waitress bows but then she started squealing. Seungri looks at her and smiles. *killer* I smiled. "I know it's not my place to ask this. But I've been your fan since 2006. Please can I have an autograph." " Sure what's your name?" She gave him her name and Seungri started signing. I smiled and then Seungri started talking. "Do you know who he is?" I look up and the woman started looking at me and then she squealed loud. *shhessh* "Your #7. Oh my god. Your gorgeous than on TV . " "Thank you" I smiled brighlty. "can I have your autograph too" Before I can answer Seungri gave me the pad and pen. *Big mouth* I looked at him with a smirk. Seungri giggles a little. As I finish off signing I gave the pad and pen to her. She bows and left. "How did it feel to do your first autograph" "Feels cool. That's my first terrible signature" "No filter, I like that" Seungri laughs. "Its crazy , how she already knows me." "Well you are popular in social media" "Really?" "Don't you have twitter?" "No, I'm not into social media" "Well you better now, cuz you got to keep up with your fans. Come here I want to show you something" I stand and sat next to Seungri. He leans close to me. I almost went breathless when I smelled his cologne *You smell so so good , boy* Then I look at the phone. "Look see" Seungri gives me his phone. •#7 is a cutie •This new group, will be a big hit. •Again, YG formed awesome beautiful gorgeous men into one group. •We need names!!! Who are they, especially #7 •Who is that guy who played the violin? He is gorgeous. •FIGHTING!!! I can't wait to hear more about them •We need to know more of them. Who are they? Who is who in the group. •Wow, big bang will be training them?! This is awesome. Another group with beautiful men The comments go on and on. I noticed that it has over 2,000 comments. "Wow, this is crazy!! I didn't knew that we have so many people cheering for us." "Of course, especially you. You are very talented. You play instruments and sing and rap. Just got to make you dance" "I will get it. with you, i know I will learn well" Then the food arrive. I stand to sit on my seat, but then Seungri grabs my hand and sat me back down. "Stay right here, I don't mind" "Umm.. ok". We started eating. As we ate Seungri looks at me and laughs. "What, do I got something on my face" I started to clean my mouth, but he keeps laughing. "Hold on" Seungri grabs his napkin and wipes off the food off my mouth. I Froze for a moment. *What is this?* Then I look down and start eating again. *Don't blush don't blush* "I like you J.J, I quickly feel trusted with you. Your personality just pleases me. Can we be brothers? I can show you around Korea, meet my parents, and heck I can teach more" I saw how excited he was getting. I smile and shake my head yes. He then hugs me and laughs. Then he pulls out his phone and turn the camera on. *SELFIESSS* we both pose and smile big to the camera. Our first picture. Then we left the place and out we go!
As he was driving. I pull out my phone and open the social media. I saw so many comments about the new group. •this group will be the next hit in Korea and around the world. •Names!!!! Please and I wonder what's the new group name. •Big bang will make them awesome. •This is going to be epic. • #7 is gorgeous. •The guy who played the violin, is making me want to play one too • talented Boys. I smile, but then I saw a picture. As I look closer, I saw its Seungri and me at the club last night. ∆Seungri and the new member from the new YG group, J.J together∆ •They was awesome!! •What a great night. It was great. •J.J is #7 everyone. •J.J is very handsome. Gorgeous man right there!! The comments was crazy. "Seungri, there a post of us together at the club." "I'd the picture good?" "Ya. They Also have my name. I just remembered that the DJ said my name last night" "Damn,, I'm in trouble" "Why?" "GD told us that we can't expose your names till he gives you all a stage name" "Yup, your in trouble." Then all of a sudden, Seungri's phone rings. He push a button and the call got directed towards the car's radio. It was GD. GD "Seungri, imma kill you" SR "Sorry, just I didn't knew how to introduce him towards the crowd" GD "Still, I did told you not to expose them to the public. And you did,, to a huge stage!" SR "Ok I'll keep him low key" GD "Your lucky that his stage name is J.J. Keep it low key from now on. Don't talk, don't breath, actually don't move. Silent. GD "Hello?? Seungri?? Are you there?" SR "Yes, you just told me not to speak" GD disconnects the call. I bursted laughing. and then Seungri join along. "You tend to get in trouble huh" "Gotta have fun . But I tried to avoid it. Just trouble tends to find me" "I've noticed!" "Come one, let's go!!" *Huh* I didn't even noticed that we stopped somewhere. Then I look around. "Where are we?" "My house, Come on" He grabs my hand and brings me inside. *What's happening??*
We both enter inside. My heart just froze. The house is beautiful and cozy. He likes to keep it simple but beautiful. I sat on the sofa and we went to the kitchen to get a drink. *why am I at a man's house. Oh Lord, forgive me* "Here, and welcome to my house" "Its nice in here." "Thanks come on. let me show you around." "Sure." I follow him around. I saw the kitchen, bathroom, his dance studio, even his basement which is actually a small movie theater *I love that room* Then we went to the backyard. I see a dog running towards us. I quickly got scared and without noticing that I acted like a girl. I ran behind Seungri. "He don't bite, no need to be scared" "He just popped our of no where" "He tends to do that. We played a lot of hide and seek." "That's cool" I went towards the dog and pet him. He is very friendly. "Let's play hide and seek, I haven't seen him for the past two days." "Um sure, ok. Well since you asked then. you count. and we both hide." "Sneaky,, ok. I'll count." "Where do we hide?" "Anywhere, in or outside of the house. Don't matter " "Awesome, good luck finding us" Seungri turns around and faced a tree and close his eyes. "1..2..3..4..5...6.." I ran inside the house and so did the dog. I followed the dog and see how he hide himself *smart dog*. Then I started looking for a spot to hide. I saw a door and enter inside a room. When I look inside, I've noticed I'm in his room. *ohh snap* I go in and slowly close the door behind me. I start to look around. The closet is freaking huge. The tuxedos, his shirts, his shoes *wow!* This is just gorgeous. Then I saw pictures of him when he was a kid. *cuttteee* Then I heard a noise. Seungri then opened the door and I quickly crouch down and hide behind a desk. *shit, I forgot we was playing* I peek and I saw him going inside the closet. *I gotta escape* Then I quickly ran out of the room. He saw me and start running behind me. I giggle as I was running down the stairs. "Imma get you" He screams with a laugh. "No you won't" I giggled. I ran outside and then went around the pool. I was on one side and he was at the opposite. Seungri looks at me and then he calls his dog. "Go get him, boy" "CHEATER!!!" The dog goes after me and Seungri goes the other way. Then I trip and all of a sudden I grabbed Seungri's hand and we both fell into the pool. We both lift our heads off the water. We laughed and then the dog jumps in making a huge splash. We then started splash each other. Then he get out of the pool. *Damnn I got no extra clothes* "Come on, I got extra clothes for you " He grabs my hand and take me into his room. He didn't even cared that we are going inside the house. Then he pulls out some clothes and place it on the bed. I grabbed them and went to the bathroom. As I changed into the clothes. I can't stop thinking about what just happened. *What's going on? What's happening?*
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for some reason this "bromance" is making me nervous her secret can be made known she needs to be careful.
Hmmmph ! You are very good with your writing . I love reading them . Full of zest and hidden Emotion. So keep on writing and tag me .
i feel like you're trying too kill me. seungri's my bias so my jealous tendencies are on high... still love it but im now irrationally jealous
I didn't think it would be Seungri. Nice twist. ^^
Dear Lord, I really want Seungri to find out, and then to like and date her, and maybe GD and TOP too, well why not put in YB and Daesung too... a love hexagon😂
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