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Now more than ever it seems as if people are doing all they can to make themselves stand out from the pack. One of the "cool" ways to do this is by changing your name.
In the UK, a record 85,000 people underwent name changes in 2015. Today we caught the most unique name change, as someone switched their name to Bacon Cheeseburger.
The 33-year-old man formerly known as Simon Smith had a very good reason to become Mr. Double Cheeseburger.
His reasons were simple: he says that “a name is the least important part of your personalty — it’s given to you by someone else.” Also, it was the first thing he came up with.
Umm... I guess. Does bacon cheeseburger work as a name for anyone else? What do you think his nickname is?
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my name is too plain
My name is pretty plain too....but Bacon Double Cheeseburger..really?
I read a rumor somewhere that this was kind of a drunk dare lol.
@danidee I can safely say I have never been that drunk
@shannonl5 #drunkgoals