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HYUNGWON'S POV: I don't remember all that happened after that. I just remember walking back into the house. I was numb to everything. "Hyung?" I heard Shownu's voice. "Are you okay?" He asked, standing. I walked by them and headed back up into my room. I ignored their calls and locked the door. Plopping down on my bed, tears started down my face. I felt as if my heart had been ripped from my chest. I sobbed hysterically. I lay on my back and cried. I just cried. Cried because of Are-Um. Cried because of Wonho......cried because of the son I never met. Why did I have to screw up the best thing that happened to me? Soon, my sadness....turned to anger. How could Wonho not tell me? When did start they start dating? Why would he date her after he knew I still loved her? Did he really have no heart? WONHO'S POV: I said goodbye to Are-Um and Seungun. I had to get back to the dorm before practice. As soon as I walked into house, I felt a strong blow to my left cheek. I fell to the ground. I looked up to see Hyungwon standing over me with a furious look in his eyes. "Hyung!" Shownu ran over and stood between him and me. "What's your problem man?!?" I yelled, grabbing my jaw. Changkyun ran over to help me up. "You're my fucking problem! What were you doing with her? When were you going to tell me, huh?!?" He yelled back. I knew who he was talking about. I couldn't help but chuckle. Hyungwon lunged, only to have Jooheon hold him back. "You want to know why I didn't tell you?!? Did you ever once ask me about her? You knew she was my best friend and yet, you never asked me! I could've told you about him if you got your head out of your ass and worried about someone other than yourself." I yelled, getting angry myself. "What are you even talking about?" He shakes his head. "You want to know what I'm talking about? You have been laying around here, crying and moping. Thinking 'Oh, why do these things happen to me?' Did you even once think about her feelings? She cried everyday, wondering what she did to deserve that. She was emotionally unstable all this time, you knew I saw her. But...did you ever, just once, ask 'How is Are-Um? Is she doing well?'. And I'm the bad guy!" I yelled. Hyungwon's face darkened. He seems as if he has realized what he did. "I'm sick of you feeling bad for yourself. Why don't you grow some and admit what you did was horrible? It was her twin sister, man. That hurt her." I sighed. He was looking down, Jooheon still holding him. "What's his name?" He asked. "What?" I was confused. "What's....m-my son'" His breath hitched. "His name is Seungun." I told him. HYUNGWON'S POV: Seungun....she even used the name we talked about using for our first born boy. My heart ached. "Do you think I can see him?" I asked. "Don't ask me. Ask Are-Um. You have her hasn't changed." Wonho walked upstairs. I stood there, frustrated and...drained. Both physically and emotionally. I have to talk to Are-Um. ARE-UM'S POV: I climbed the steps to my apartment with a sleeping Seungun in my arms. I rubbed his back as he slept soundly. It has been hard, I can't lie. Being a single mother wasn't all its cracked up to be, but...with the help of's been quite smooth. After I broke up with Hyungwon, I was frustrated and confused. He helped me with everything. He answered my calls when I'd call him late at night, he helped me with my morning sickness, he aided my weird cravings, he even went with me to my sonogram. He was there to witness Seungun's birth and he was there for all of his birthdays. He was the best friend a girl could ask for. I loved him wholeheartedly. If he was my brother, I'd cherish the moments I had with him to the fullest, no matter what. My phone chimed and buzzed in my back pocket. Thinking it was Hoseok, I pulled it out without hesitation. I smiled and turned on the screen. The smile that was on my face......fell quickly. Hyungwon❤- Hey, have you been? I swallowed and let out a shaky breath. This can't be happening. Not after all these years. I can't believe I didn't change his contact name. I still had that heart on it....that devious little heart. Mocking me. About lost feelings. The feeling of having your heart physically ripped apart. I didn't notice I was crying until a tear fell on the screen. I couldn't think straight....I must've been out of it, because. . . . I replied to the message. . . Me: What do you want? He texted back almost immediately. Hyungwon❤: Would you like to meet me at the cafe? To you know, catch up on lost's okay if you don't want to. I thought it over for a minute. I wondered. What was he getting at? Why would he want to see me? Why now? Why three years after our breakup? Me: .........sure...
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