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I know this is very late but I got to lazy to post them (this sounds so cheesy) anyhoo so here. I do have another screen shot game to post so that will hopefully be up.
not going to say no!
hopie you sure know a way to my heart don't cha, I wonder if there is peanut butter cups instead of chocolates but I don't mind cause I can't say no to you ether.
HOPIE!! WHAT DO YOU WHAT *SOBS* WAE! ok ok thank you jhope
ohhhhh crap! too much cute boys taking me out & give things. this will be the death of me but I not going to say no cause I want to to go. rap mon are we going to eat jams lol
ok ok thats it im yours hopie you won. I will be your hope
wait....when did jin come in this oh who cares chess!! I enjoyed this a lot so much so I hope you guys enjoy this card that ended up being late but who cares. anyhoo Tagging some awesome bootaful people @Staceyholley @princessunicorn @Rawr21