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Another day, another opportunity to roast Donald Trump.
It seems as if his comments about keeping people out of America have finally caught up to him, as the ultimate Game Of Thrones-Trump mashup has hit the web.
This hilarious mashup video comes to us from Huw Parkinson and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s politics show Insiders.
After watching this, it's no surprise to me that this is going viral, I'm actually upset that it took this long for something like this to be created. I think anyone who enjoys Game of Thrones and loathes Trump will love this video.
This is pretty funny, don't you think?
@allentaire actually looking for a new show, you seen Boardwalk empire? Heard nothing but good things so far
@alletaire I actually just started watching Game of Thrones a little over and month ago and got hooked, finished all 5 seasons FAST.. Lol. Def a great show
@danidee yeah this was too funny not to share, but then again, so are most of the wild statements that Donald trump makes.. Lol
He may not have my vote, but he's admittedly entertaining lol.
@christianmordi I haven't even heard of it to be honest
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